Review: New Sony Vaio Signature Collection

1 07 2009

The new Sony Vaio Signature collection is not like the rest of the laptops with te name. The new line consists of 10 new laptops, topping only 1000 produced in one category. 3 of the new laptops are Crocodile Brown, Crocodile Pink, and Crocodile Red. each of these new “leathery” laptops is having only 300,400, and 500 produced and start at $779.99. the whole list of the new line goes like this: Glossy Black P,1000 produced, $1999.99. Electric Blue TT, 120 produced, $1999.99. Champagne Gold SR, 800 produced, $1099.99. Bordeaux Red Z, 600 produced, $1769.99. Carbon Fiber Z, 120 produced, $4349.99. Kaleidoscope Z, 300 produced, $2749.99. Crocodile Brown CS, 300 produced, $779.99. Crocodile Pink CS, 400 produced, $779.99. Crocodile Red CS, 500 produced, $779.99. Deep Violet CS, 1000 produced, $889.99. If you want to see the laptops for yourself you can check them out at, its on the home page.




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