Review: Palm Pre

6 07 2009


Now this phone is actually pretty cool. The browser has features called “cards” letting you keep up with more than one page at a time. One useful thing is a bar at the bottom thats notifys you of different pages or emails coming in. Although the battery can be used up fast, it does come with removable batteries. Although the slide-out keyboard is small and its not big enough for your thumbs, it is a bit more accurate than iPhone typing. You can plug the Pre into a computer with iTunes, and iTunes thinks its a iPod so you can add music, photos, and videos onto the Pre. The Pre has a 3-megapixel camera and LED flash. The price isn’t all that bad, $200 sticker price, with a minimum of $70 a month for Sprint.




3 responses

10 07 2009

I find the iPhone’s keyboard the easiest to type on with it’s autocorrection software. HAVE YOU EVER EVEN TYPED ON A PRE!?!?!?!?!

10 07 2009

No, but in all the reviews I’ve seen people say that it’s more accurate than the iPhone but the iPhone’s typing is better overall.

20 08 2009

iv never typed on a pre tho i have typed on other palm cell phones and with practice on the iphone and the treo i say that they are about equally accurite tho like i said iv never typed on a pre

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