7 reasons to avoid Windows 7

23 08 2009

Here are seven goods reasons why you shouldn’t get Windows 7, as by Wired News.

1.Upgrading from Windows XP requires a clean install: If you use XP, upgrading isn’t as simple as inserting a disc and running the installation. You have to back up all your apps and files, an wipe you hard drive and install Windows 7.

2.The upgrade is exspensive: pricing varies on which version you buy, buy you’ll have to pay at least $120 to upgrade from XP or Vista. If you don’t own a copy of a Windows OS, you have to pay the full $200 bucks for Windows 7.

3.It’ll cost you time too: Upgrades take a while to download, and the upgrades do the same thing as your current Windows program does.

4.It’s still Windows: Windows isn’t good at performing simple tasks, like recognizing files. You’ll probably have to do a lot of tweaking and customizing to get the OS to run like you want it to.

5.Security isn’t automatically better: Windows is the primary target for hackers and virus coders. Therefore, it’s up to you to protect your PC with all the fancy anti-virus software.

6.Built-in support for hardware-based DRM: Like Vista, Windows 7 includes support for digital rights management technologies that could potentially regulate how you use your media.

7.Snow Leopard is almost here: Apple’s next-generation Snow Leopard is arriving September(a month before Windows 7). Apple is promising it’s OS will deliver on many of the improvements Microsoft highlights in Windows 7- 64-bit addressing, improved efficiency with task management on multiple processors, and others. If your looking to switch to a different OS, the OS X Snow Leopard is an option to consider before commiting to Windows 7.

I used bits and pieces from the original article on wired.com by Brian X. Chen. I just didn’t want to get blamed for plagerizing.




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