Top 5 iPhone apps for bloggers

2 11 2009

I don’t have all of these because some of these are kind of exspensive.

1. WordPress for iPhone: I have this one, I’m actually using it to write this post. This is a very nice app because you can post, view pages, manage comments, all from your iPod touch or iPhone.

2. Shapewriter: This app has a lite and pro edition and both are paid apps. The lite version is $3.99 and the pro version is $7.99. I don’t have this app, what is does is instead of typing the note, you trace the note with your finger onto the screen and it recognizes the word.

3. Twitterific: I have this one and it’s a very good Twitter client. I switch back and forth from Tweekdeck and Twiiterific. It has a very organized app, I’d have to say it is one of the best free Twitter clients out there.

4. Evernote: I personally love Evernote, it is the best free personal planner out there. It let’s you do about anything, it even sets up an email that you can email links to the app. Although you can only use a certain amount of space for pics, notes, links, per month it is very good.

5. Jott for iPhone: I don’t have this app but I hear it’s pretty good. The app itself is free, but you have to have a paid account on their website. Instead of writing out long emails, Jott is a voice-to-text system. All you do is speak the email and it will appear in your notes.

This article was originally posted by Brian X. Chen on It was the top 10 apps for bloggers but I scaled it down. I’ve only used a couple of these apps so I only know how good a couple of them are.




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