Star Wars Battlefront III

2 12 2009

For all you Star Wars fans, there will be a Star Wars Battlefront III. It has been confirmed that the game will be released, we just don’t know when. The original release date was set for March 15, 2009, but it was cancelled. So when I find out more I’ll post about it.


Review: Polaroid PoGo Portable Printer

8 07 2009


Polaroid is going to cease production of its legendary film and replace it was a line of digital products. One of these products is the PoGo portable printer. About size of a deck of cards, its designed to be put in a bag or in a pocket. You take a pic with yout camera phone and send it to the PoGo via Bluetooth or USB. The PoGo then prints a borderless image on a 2-inch by 3-inch piece of thermal ZINK photo paper. This printer is very cool, and has a very cool price, $150 not bad for a printer.

Review: Tangent Quattro Wi-Fi Internet Radio

6 07 2009


Even though this radio looks cool, theres a lot of problems with it. It reboots everytime the alarm is disabled, the snooze function doesn’t work on the buzzer mode, and it can display the wrong time on occasion. There is some good to this radio. There is no subsciption required to get the 6,433 channels that it can pick up via Wi-Fi. But, it crackles at high volume, and connecting to stations takes a minute. The price for this radio, $350. So if you want just a cool-looking, expensive space-taker, this is the radio for you.

Review: Palm Pre

6 07 2009


Now this phone is actually pretty cool. The browser has features called “cards” letting you keep up with more than one page at a time. One useful thing is a bar at the bottom thats notifys you of different pages or emails coming in. Although the battery can be used up fast, it does come with removable batteries. Although the slide-out keyboard is small and its not big enough for your thumbs, it is a bit more accurate than iPhone typing. You can plug the Pre into a computer with iTunes, and iTunes thinks its a iPod so you can add music, photos, and videos onto the Pre. The Pre has a 3-megapixel camera and LED flash. The price isn’t all that bad, $200 sticker price, with a minimum of $70 a month for Sprint.

Review: Porsche Design P’9522 Phone

6 07 2009


Even though this phone looks cool, it doesn’t deliver. It does have touch-screen and an Opera Mini web browser, but the Wi-fi is only able to be picked up in Europe. You can’t tap an item to see it, you have to scroll to it. The scrolling goes way too fast and you miss the item you want to go to. It also doesn’t have a email feature, so all you really can do well on this phone is talk. Over all the worst thing about this phone is the price. The MSRP is $800, something very exspensive for something that screws up all the time. Just go buy an iPhone.

Review: Apple iPhone 3GS

6 07 2009


Apple amazed everyone with the release of the iPhone in 2007. A year later they stepped that up and made it capable of 3G networking. Well now even the 3G is being stepped up. With the new iPhone 3GS, the speed will be 2x as fast and 3.0 software capable. The owners of the iPod touch will be able to buy the 3.0 software this summer for $10. With new features such as a 3-megapixel camera, as to the 2-megapixel camera in the 3G. Also Voice Contol, by holding down the home button you can request who to call or what to hear. Even though the 3G is good, the 3GS in its time will be better.

Review: Astro Gaming A40 Gaming System

4 07 2009


This gaming system consists of a headset, mixer and amplifier. It’s geared toward Xbox and PC users that want great sound without bothering anyone around. You can connect it to directly with your TV or PC, or hook it to your home-theater, this comes with enough to support your needs. You can also hook an MP3 player to play music alongside the voice and game audio. You can also hook the headset into your Xbox controller and use it for Xbox Live. You can get this gaming system for $270. Kind of pricy, but for the right gamer, I guess it could be the right price.