Top 5 iPhone apps for bloggers

2 11 2009

I don’t have all of these because some of these are kind of exspensive.

1. WordPress for iPhone: I have this one, I’m actually using it to write this post. This is a very nice app because you can post, view pages, manage comments, all from your iPod touch or iPhone.

2. Shapewriter: This app has a lite and pro edition and both are paid apps. The lite version is $3.99 and the pro version is $7.99. I don’t have this app, what is does is instead of typing the note, you trace the note with your finger onto the screen and it recognizes the word.

3. Twitterific: I have this one and it’s a very good Twitter client. I switch back and forth from Tweekdeck and Twiiterific. It has a very organized app, I’d have to say it is one of the best free Twitter clients out there.

4. Evernote: I personally love Evernote, it is the best free personal planner out there. It let’s you do about anything, it even sets up an email that you can email links to the app. Although you can only use a certain amount of space for pics, notes, links, per month it is very good.

5. Jott for iPhone: I don’t have this app but I hear it’s pretty good. The app itself is free, but you have to have a paid account on their website. Instead of writing out long emails, Jott is a voice-to-text system. All you do is speak the email and it will appear in your notes.

This article was originally posted by Brian X. Chen on It was the top 10 apps for bloggers but I scaled it down. I’ve only used a couple of these apps so I only know how good a couple of them are.


1,000 Blog Views

22 10 2009

I have finally broke 1,000 blog views. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, and I will get back into the habit of updating more here in the next couple of weeks. Once again, Thanks.

Wow, this is the first update in a while

5 10 2009

Ok, I know my last post was August 23rd, and I’ve been doing my best to get some free time to update. You can thank marching band for taking up week and weekends with shows and games. Since I don’t have a lot of time to review things or post about something, I mostly post on Twitter. So if you want to follow me on Twitter, my Twitter feed is somewhere on this blog. And if you really want to follow somebody that actually does update all the time follow either G4’s twitter or you can follow Chris Hardwick(@nerdist). Thanks and I’ll try to review something in these next couple days.

7 reasons to avoid Windows 7

23 08 2009

Here are seven goods reasons why you shouldn’t get Windows 7, as by Wired News.

1.Upgrading from Windows XP requires a clean install: If you use XP, upgrading isn’t as simple as inserting a disc and running the installation. You have to back up all your apps and files, an wipe you hard drive and install Windows 7.

2.The upgrade is exspensive: pricing varies on which version you buy, buy you’ll have to pay at least $120 to upgrade from XP or Vista. If you don’t own a copy of a Windows OS, you have to pay the full $200 bucks for Windows 7.

3.It’ll cost you time too: Upgrades take a while to download, and the upgrades do the same thing as your current Windows program does.

4.It’s still Windows: Windows isn’t good at performing simple tasks, like recognizing files. You’ll probably have to do a lot of tweaking and customizing to get the OS to run like you want it to.

5.Security isn’t automatically better: Windows is the primary target for hackers and virus coders. Therefore, it’s up to you to protect your PC with all the fancy anti-virus software.

6.Built-in support for hardware-based DRM: Like Vista, Windows 7 includes support for digital rights management technologies that could potentially regulate how you use your media.

7.Snow Leopard is almost here: Apple’s next-generation Snow Leopard is arriving September(a month before Windows 7). Apple is promising it’s OS will deliver on many of the improvements Microsoft highlights in Windows 7- 64-bit addressing, improved efficiency with task management on multiple processors, and others. If your looking to switch to a different OS, the OS X Snow Leopard is an option to consider before commiting to Windows 7.

I used bits and pieces from the original article on by Brian X. Chen. I just didn’t want to get blamed for plagerizing.

Apple is disappointing us

22 08 2009

Apple is saying that no “tablet” will be unveiled at it’s Sept. 9th event. But it probably will be unveiling the rumored iPod touch with a 3-mp camera. And it might also be previewing a new version of iTunes. So even though no tablet, I think Apple will still keep customers satisfied with the new itouch.

Windows 7 is looking to be the best OS from Microsoft yet

17 08 2009

Windows 7 is looking as if it may be the competetor of Apple’s OSX Snow Leopard. Microsoft is giving this OS(operating system) a big revamped interface from XP and Vista. The new changes include typography to the icons, and the toolbar to the windows, it’s a clean modern look that could compete with Snow Leopard. Three new features will come along with Windows 7. Aero Peek, Aero Snap, and Aero Shake. With Aero Peek you can drag a window to the right side of the screen. I don’t know what that accomplishes but ok. Aero Snap will automatically adjust the window into a rectangle that takes up the entire right side. Once again, I don’t know what that accomplishes. And with Aero Shake you can click and hold onto a window and shake it and any visible windows behind it will disappear( minimize, not close). Well I guess if you like pointless new features on Windows, I guess this program is for you. Thanks Microsoft, for still not measuring up to your rival, the awesome, Apple.

Apple’s new data center

17 08 2009

Apple is creating a new data center. A 500,000 spuare foot data center in North Carolina. So what exactly is it going to do you ask? Cloud computing. Curious what cloud computing is? Here’s a definition. “Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet.” So what does this have to do with Apple’s normal products? Well nothing, but this is cool though.