Windows 7 is looking to be the best OS from Microsoft yet

17 08 2009

Windows 7 is looking as if it may be the competetor of Apple’s OSX Snow Leopard. Microsoft is giving this OS(operating system) a big revamped interface from XP and Vista. The new changes include typography to the icons, and the toolbar to the windows, it’s a clean modern look that could compete with Snow Leopard. Three new features will come along with Windows 7. Aero Peek, Aero Snap, and Aero Shake. With Aero Peek you can drag a window to the right side of the screen. I don’t know what that accomplishes but ok. Aero Snap will automatically adjust the window into a rectangle that takes up the entire right side. Once again, I don’t know what that accomplishes. And with Aero Shake you can click and hold onto a window and shake it and any visible windows behind it will disappear( minimize, not close). Well I guess if you like pointless new features on Windows, I guess this program is for you. Thanks Microsoft, for still not measuring up to your rival, the awesome, Apple.


Tech: Bing grabs small gain from Google

2 07 2009

In a stat counter this month, Microsoft’s new search engine “Bing” has gained some of the percentage of searches from Google. Google fell from 79.1% to 78.5%. Yahoo came in second with 11%. Meanwhile Bing jumped from 7.2% to 8.2% from April to June. Bing does help users make decisions about health, travel and restaurants better than Google does. Bing is suprisingly good, with some fine(if possibly borrowed) innovations, but it is no Google killer yet. See this whole story on