iPhone users still love their iPhone’s compared to the Pre

16 08 2009

In a survey taken with users from the iPhone and the Palm Pre, it looks as if the iPhone is still kicking the Pre’s butt. The survey found that 99% of the 200 iPhone 3GS users surveyed were “satisfied” and 82% of those users were “very satisfied”. A separate survey of 40 Pre users showed that 87% said they were “satisfied” with their phone and 45% “very satisfied”. Even though the iPhone did win the survey, those numbers were the highest ever recorded in the Palm satisfaction surveys. Still, the iPhone does need to be on all networks, or at least Verizon, because they now have 80 million users. Hello Apple, 80 million potential iPhone buyers!!! Well I guess we will just have to wait for the iPhone to come to all networks.


Review: Palm Pre

6 07 2009


Now this phone is actually pretty cool. The browser has features called “cards” letting you keep up with more than one page at a time. One useful thing is a bar at the bottom thats notifys you of different pages or emails coming in. Although the battery can be used up fast, it does come with removable batteries. Although the slide-out keyboard is small and its not big enough for your thumbs, it is a bit more accurate than iPhone typing. You can plug the Pre into a computer with iTunes, and iTunes thinks its a iPod so you can add music, photos, and videos onto the Pre. The Pre has a 3-megapixel camera and LED flash. The price isn’t all that bad, $200 sticker price, with a minimum of $70 a month for Sprint.